mgrMalwina Wiśniewska-Przymusińska

Malwina Wiśniewska-Przymusińska
PhD Student (Doktorantka)
Deputy Head of WA PhD Student Council

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  • B.A. in English, Poznań 2012
  • M.A. in English, Poznań 2014

Non-degree courses:

  • Training school organised by the European Network of e-Lexicography, “The Lexical and Phraseological Landscape: Old Boundaries, New Beginnings” in Waterford, Ireland, 2017

Research interest:

  • Historical pragmatics
  • Historical sociopragmatics
  • New Zealand English
  • Middle English morphology
  • Old English morphophonology

Teaching experience:

  • TEFL

Papers read at international conferences and congresses:

  • "Pragmatic perspective(s) on Old English wills and charters: Analysing 12th century forged documents", Poznań Linguistic Meeting 2017 (poster)
  • "Forged texts as a source for linguistic research on the example of 12th century English documents", "Recovering the Past" conference, the University of York, 2017
  • "Methodological challenges in historical linguistics: The case of twelfth-century forged English documents" (with Paulina Zagórska), Young Linguists’ Meeting in Poznań 2016 (poster)
  • "Politeness and impoliteness: Middle English second person pronouns in Sir Malory’s Arthurian love triangles", 22nd International Conference of Historical Linguistics, Naples 2015

Other talks and presentations

  • "Noc zbrodni na Wydziale Anglistyki, czyli mordercy listy piszą" (jointly with Paulina Zagórska), Noc Naukowców na Wydziale Anglistyki 2016

Organizer of international conferences and congresses

  • History of English Language in Poznań (HEL-P) 2017, Poznań 2017