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Guest talk by Prof. Natasha Sumner: Heroes of the Gaelic World in the Digital Age: The Fionn Folklore Database

We cordially invite all interested parties to the guest talk by Prof. Natasha Sumner (Harvard University), on Wednesday 22 November 2023, 16.45, in room 235 at Collegium Heliodori, Grunwaldzka 6, Poznań.

Heroes of the Gaelic World in the Digital Age: The Fionn Folklore Database

Prof. Natasha Sumner (Harvard University)

Wednesday 22 November 2023 16.45
Room 235
Collegium Heliodori Święcicki


The Fionn Folklore Database contains approximately 3,500 stories and songs about Fionn and his warrior band, the Fianna, documented in four languages (Irish, Scottish Gaelic, Manx, English) previously stored in archival collections in Ireland, Scotland, Isle of Man, Canada and the USA. Hence, it constitutes a unified corpus of the Fenian folklore. In addition, by providing the first ever comprehensive classification system of the Fionn folklore, it is an excellent database for researchers, teachers, and the general public. During her research visit Professor Sumner will deliver a workshop presenting the background and resources of the Fionn Folklore Database and show how they can be used for research and teaching purposes.

About the speaker

Professor Natasha Sumner is a leading scholar in the Gaelic literatures and folklore studies with particular regard for Fenian (Fionn Cycle) folklore. She has co-organised many conferences devoted to the Fenian folklore, Irish and Gaelic literatures and Irish and Scottish Gaelic heritage in North America. She is the author and editor of numerous influential publications in the field of Fenian Studies, Scottish literature, and North American Gaels. Since 2019 she is the Director of the Fionn Folklore Database (Bunachar Sonraí Bhéaloideas na Féinne / Stòr-dàta Beul-aithris na Fèinne) project, funded by Harvard University and the Irish Government.

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