• Guest Lecture: Professor Monika Foster

    […] A Virtual Museum of Laurence Sterne — 17 April @ 14:00

  • Guest talk by Michał Ejankowski

    “Treedioms online idiom dictionary,” 18 April @ 15:00

  • Dr Mary Newbould’s workshop

    “Using Digital Sources in Literary Studies: Adaptation Theories in Practice,” 22 April @ 13:15

  • “UAM GO”

    Navigating Collegium Heliodori (and other facilitites) in a mobile app

About the Faculty

Faculty of English is the largest centre of English studies not only in Poland but also in Europe. It has a long history, rich experience in didactics, and numerous research achievements both in Poland and abroad. The Faculty of English offers six full-time B.A. programmes, six full-time M.A. programmes, an extramural programme in English philology (B.A. and M.A.), as well as three postgraduate courses.

  • 17 study programmes
  • 1500+ students
  • 170+ employees and PhD students

For Candidates

English Philology, English-Celtic Philology, English and Chinese Studies, Dutch Studies, English Studies, English Linguistics, Language and Communication in Healthcare, Language and Communication in Healthcare, and more! See what we offer!