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Study at the Faculty of English!

Programmes offered by the Faculty of English are among the best in the rankings published by “Perspektywy,” the leading Internet portal on education in Poland.

Dear Candidates!

This is the enrolment procedurefor B.A. or M.A. programmesstep-by-step

  1. Choose the degree of study: bachelor’s or master’s
  2. Choose the programme—each of our programmes has a description page—see further down this page or browse the menu
  3. Visit the AMU Online Admissions System [external link] and find your programme of choice under the heading Faculty of English
  4. Register for the chosen programme
  5. Enter the necessary data
  6. Pay the enrolment fee for the chosen programme on time
  7. Submit the required documents on time
  8. (for candidates for the extramural M.A. programme in English Philology:) Check the incoming messages box in your Online Admissions System account—we may use it to ask you, before the day of the interview, about your preferred M.A. seminar; for a directory of pages with M.A. seminars follow this link)
  9. (for candidates for an M.A. programme:) Attend the interview
  10. Welcome to the Faculty of English!

See also: Admissions on the AMU main website in English

Our programmes

New in 2024: American Studies

The American Studies program offers a unique journey not only through the United States but also Canada and corners of Mexican culture. Our interdisciplinary program is the key to opening doors to extraordinary opportunities, where every day is a new adventure in the world of multiculturalism.American Studies

For information on the full-time M.A. programmes Tłumaczenie konferencyjne polsko-angielskie (Polish-English Conference Interpreting) and Tłumaczenie kreatywne i specjalistyczne (Creative and Specialized Translation), programmes requiring an excellent command of both English and Polish, please refer to their respective pages in our website in Polish.

For information on postgraduate programmes please refer to their respective pages in our website in Polish.