Interdisciplinary PhD Program (2018-2023)

Innovative language research in interdisciplinary perspectives: psychology, sociology and technology

The program:

  • prepares PhD students to conduct scientific research at the highest level (selected courses: research methodology, data analysis, ethics in research with human participants, information technology in research)
  • prepares PhD students to apply effectively for the funding of scientific research
  • provides support in developing effective scientific presentation skills (selected courses: scientific presentation skills, analysing research results)
  • provides support in publishing in top scientific journals (selected courses: analysing research results, editing scientific articles)
  • provides support in developing soft skills (selected courses: how to negotiate, career guidance)
  • promotes the participation of international assistant supervisors

For further information, feel free to contact:
prof. UAM dr hab. Karolina Krawczak-Glynn (
prof. UAM dr hab. Radosław Dylewski (

PhD students will:

  • complete three-month international research internships in international research institutions
  • conduct short-term research stays at international research institutions
  • participate in the International Winter School, which will give them the opportunity to work on advanced methodology, critical thinking skills, and data analysis with reference to their on-going doctoral projects