🌍 Please note the duties and responsibilites of the Dean and the Deputy Deans listed on this page are all non-binding translations into English of those found on the equivalent page in Polishlink.

prof. UAM dr hab.Joanna Pawelczyk

Joanna Pawelczyk
Collegium Heliodori Święcicki, room 183
  • responsibilities arising from the Statute of the University, § 60, articles 1 – 4.17;
  • organization of the work of the Dean’s Council;
  • appointment of permanent or ad hoc dean’s committees, determining their composition, tasks, and period of operation;
  • coordination of cooperation with the Fulbright Commission, visits under Fulbright programs;
  • monitoring employees’ publication results;
  • supervision of the activities of the Faculty’s organizational units;
  • recommendation on employee matters (employment, promotions, awards, leaves);
  • non-teaching workloads of employees;
  • international cooperation in the field of research:
  • meetings and agreements with foreign partners;
  • visits and lectures by guests of the Faculty of English.

prof. UAM dr hab.Piotr Gąsiorowski

Piotr Gąsiorowski
Deputy Dean for research and scientific evaluation
Collegium Heliodori Święcicki, room 189
  • supervision of the scientific activity of the Faculty of English:
    • preparing data for the implementation of scholarly disciplines;
    • preparing documentation on scientific activities;
    • preparing applications related to applying for grants for research;
  • publications and publishing:
    • supervision over entering data into the AMU Knowledge Base;
    • cooperation with the Head of the Laboratory for National and Foreign Projects in matters related to projects and research;
    • monitoring employees’ publication results;
  • research projects and grants;
  • presiding over the Dean’s Council on behalf of the Dean;
  • coordination of lectures as part of Distinguished Professors’ Lectures;
  • supervision of reading groups.

prof. UAM dr hab.Radosław Dylewski

Radosław Dylewski
Deputy Dean for international co-operation and outreach
Collegium Heliodori Święcicki, room 186
  • international cooperation;
  • cooperation with the economic and social environment;
  • supervision over the drafting and implementation of international agreements;
  • supervision of the promotion team and the environmental cooperation team;
  • cooperation with the Council of Entrepreneurs;
  • cooperation with the Career Office Section.

prof. UAM dr hab.Agnieszka Setecka

Agnieszka Setecka
Deputy Dean for student affairs
Collegium Heliodori Święcicki, room 172
  • student affairs (full-time and part-time students, foreign students, postgraduate students);
  • cooperation with tutors of the year;
  • cooperation with the chairpersons of recruitment subcommittees;
  • preparing opinions for employee evaluation surveys;
  • non-teaching workloads of employees;
  • contact with the Student Council of the Faculty of English

prof. UAM dr hab.Jacek Fabiszak

Jacek Fabiszak
Deputy Dean for teaching
Collegium Heliodori Święcicki, room 187
tel. 829 3522
  • organization of teaching at the Faculty of English;
  • teaching load;
  • chairing the programme councils for groups of field of study;
  • coordination of changes in existing study programmes;
  • coordination of work on new study programmes;
  • supervision over study programmess implemented by the Faculty in cooperation with other AMU units or other public higher education establishments;
  • supervision over the preparation of the classes timetable for full-time studies