Event date:

Filmavond: Shrek

Hello hello! Are there any kinomaniacs here? Come and join us for a very laid-back and fun movie night with the Dutch Studies!

Repertoire: Shrek
Where, when, at what time and how: Aula Hall, June 20, 2024 at 18:30.

Film in Dutch version with English subtitles - event in English.


Who doesn't know Shrek, lives in the swamp! Dubbing is like an onion because it has layers! It's not just a sound track with the local language version of the film, but also a lot of work put into adapting the dialogues to the culture of the language. Of course we know that the Polish dubbing of Shrek is iconic, but where does the Dutch one stand?

Do the Dutch also quote the dialogues that are familiar to us? How does our beloved ogre grunt his 'g's'? Does he also have the status of the king of memes on the Dutch side of the Internet?

Feel free to shrek out-, that is, chill out with us before the session! The hosts of the event are Ewa Bazarnik and Kacper Sobański from the Oranjes reading group. Oh and Shrek has a tasty surprise for the participants of the event. Really? Really really.

promotional poster: image of the character Shrek and text detailing the event

Poster design by: Ewa Bazarnik / Instagram: @eefje_lea

version in Polish (wersja w języku polskim)