Moodle login instructions for Erasmus and other international students

First login (registration) instructions for USOS and Moodle:

  1. Log into USOS Web——using the USOS credentials you should have received when registering for your studies at AMU
  2. Identify your university email address - one with "". This email address is your username on Moodle
  3. Go to the SNJL (Polish: Szkoła Nauk o Języku i Literaturze UAM) Moodle platform webpage——change the language from "Polski (pl)" to "English (en)" if needed, and click the Login link
  4. In the login window enter:
  • your AMU e-mail address as your Moodle username—use the full address, i.e.
  • the USOS / USOSWeb password as your Moodle password

Note: there are multiple Moodle platforms in use at Adam Mickiewicz University—the one you need while at the Faculty of English is the one described and linked to on this page.