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New website of the Faculty of English

With the arrival of spring, we present to you the new website of the Faculty of English at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań.

Our previous site—a screenshot of which is provided at the end of the article—served us from 26 September 2006 and by 20 March 2023, in little over 6,000 days, it had grown to 13,432 subpages containing a total of over a gigabyte worth of data. Some of these, despite our efforts, became outdated, some concerned matters important only for a small group of readers, and a large percentage of all visits were strictly to teaching-related subpages, mainly the one with the timetables.

Our new website is for all readers: our students, our employees and, above all, for all who want to know what the Faculty of English is, who we are, what we do, and why it is worth co-operating with us and studying with us.

In addition, we partially separate the site where navigation is provided in English from the site where navigation is provided in Polish— (without a suffix). Some content is available on both sites in the same form, while other bits and pieces appear only on one of the sites.

We are launching the new website on 21 March 2023, after a few months of copying content from the old website and (cross-)linking it again. Despite our best efforts, some of the content might have been temporarily lost. In time, missing key information will be added here or—for students and staff—on the intranet. Just as for you, for the editors of the site, this is a new platform and we are constantly learning how to make the most of it. Therefore, should you encounter a ‘glitch in the Matrix,’ we ask for your understanding.

Lifehack: In order not to distract a wider group of readers, we have placed the most iconic items of the old website on the faculty intranet. Thus: Dear student or employee! If a piece of information is not here, it is very likely on our intranet.

We finish this announcement with a commemorative screenshot of our earlier site. (Some of us will treasure it for a long time.)

a screenshot of the old Faculty of English website on its last day of service: header, two menu bars, and a footer