drBeniamin Kłaniecki

Zdjęcie profilowe dr. Beniamina Kłanieckiego na tle budynku.
Assistant professor

Websites / Profiles:


  • B.A. in English, Poznań, 2015
  • M.A. in English, Poznań, 2017
  • Ph.D. in Postcolonial literature (summa cum laude), Poznań, 2021

Research interests:

  • Contemporary British fiction
  • Indian writing in English (IWE)
  • Nigerian fiction
  • Gender and queer studies
  • Postcolonial studies

Teaching experience:

  • History of British Literature
  • Postcolonial Literatures
  • Indian literature in English
  • TEFL

Papers read at conferences and congresses:

  • Ogólnopolska Konferencja XX-wieczne konfrontacje literackie, UW, Warszawa, 2015,
  • Ogólnopolska Konferencja Kultura zaangażowana. Społeczno-polityczne inspiracje w kulturze i sztuce, UKW, Bydgoszcz, 2015,
  • The Practice of (In)visibility Conference, University of Brighton, UK, 2015,
  • The International Conference 50 Shades of Popular Culture, FactaFicta, Kraków, 2016,
  • The International Conference The Street and the City – Awakenings, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal, 2016,
  • The Interdisciplinary Student and Graduate Conference Culture, Identity, and Media, Goethe Universität, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 2016,
  • Interdyscyplinarna Konferencja Naukowa Pozycje literatury, UAM, Poznań, 2016,
  • III. Ogólnopolska Konferencja Naukowa Azja nieznana, UAM, Poznań, 2016,
  • V. Ogólnopolska Interdyscyplinarna Studencko-Doktorancka Konferencja Naukowa Między Wschodem a Zachodem, między Północą a Południem, UW, Warszawa, 2016,
  • International Conference on Gender Studies, Interdisciplinary Research Foundation, Kraków, Poland, 2016,
  • “NEWstories: Faces of Crisis in 20th- and 21st- Century Prose” Conference, UJ, Kraków, Poland, 2019,
  • The Third Biennial Conference Talking Bodies, The Institute of Gender Studies at the University of Chester, UK, 2017,
  • Ogólnopolska Konferencja Naukowa (Nie)męskość w tekstach kultury XIX-XXI wieku, UG, Gdańsk, 2017.
  • The International Conference “Thinking Gender Justice”, University College Dublin, Ireland, 2018,
  • The International Conference “Orientations: A Conference of Narrative and Place”, University of Nottingham, UK, 2018,
  • The Fourth Biennial Conference ‘Talking Bodies’, The Institute of Gender Studies at the University of Chester, UK, 2019,
  • Queer Celebrity Conference, Centre for Studies in Literature, the University of Portsmouth, UK, 2019,
  • 28th PASE Conference "Diversity is inclusive: Cultural, literary and linguistic mosaic", Poznań, Poland, 2019,
  • “NEWstories: Shades of Hope in 20th- and 21st- Century Prose” Conference, UJ, Kraków, Poland, 2020,
  • 22nd Utopian Studies Society Conference, Brighton, UK, 2022,
  • "Masculinities, mythologies and E/epics: tracing bodies, (non)violence and the cultural imaginary" Conference, MAHE, India, 2023.

Research visits:

  • Robinson College, University of Cambridge, August 2018,
  • Robinson College, University of Cambridge, July-August 2022,
  • Manipal Centre for Humanities, MAHE, India, March 2023.

Professional organisations:

  • International E.M. Forster Society
  • European Association for Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies


  • The Ministry of Science and Higher Education scholarship for outstanding achievements in the academic year 2016/2017.
  • The Marshall of Greater Poland scholarship for outstanding academic achievements, 2017,
  • Clifford and Mary Corbridge Trust Scholarship, 2018,
  • Clifford and Mary Corbridge Trust Scholarship, 2022.