dr hab.Dominika Buchowska-Greaves

Dominika Buchowska-Greaves
Assistant professor

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  • M.A. in English, Poznań, 2002
  • Ph.D. in British Culture, Poznań, 2006
  • D.Litt in English literature, Poznań, 2020

Research interests

  • British and American Culture
  • History of British and American Art
  • 20th-century English and American Literature
  • Modernist Studies
  • Australian Studies
  • Visual Culture
  • Central European Art and Literature

Teaching experience

  • British and American Life and Institutions
  • Art and Culture of the English-speaking countries
  • Visual Culture
  • Modernist Studies
  • EFL at university and secondary school level

Other professional experience

  • Organizer of a panel: Enthusiasm in Modernism: Avant-gardes in the Newly Established Central European States, at the 10th Modernist Studies Association Annual Conference, Nashville, 2008.
  • Organizer of a session: 'When low becomes high: British Avant-Garde 1910-1914' at the second bi-annual conference of the European Network for Avant-Garde and Modernism Studies, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań, September 2010.

Guest lectures

  • Universidade de Vigo, April 2010
  • Kingston University, Wlk. Brytania, February 2012
  • Ludwig-Maximilians Universitaet Muenchen, May 2012

Professional organizations

  • Polish Association for the Study of English (PASE)
  • Modernist Studies Association
  • Wyndham Lewis Society
  • European Network for Modernist and Avant-Garde Studies
  • Polski Instytut Studiów nad Sztuką Świata (Polish Institute of World Art Studies)
  • Ezra Pound Society

Other organizations, societies, clubs, etc.

  • St.Clare`s Oxford Alumni Association
  • UNIKAT: Absolwent Unikatowe Mozliwosci, Kingston University, Wlk. Brytania 2011


  • Modernist Studies Association Graduate Student Fellowship 2005
  • Conference Grant for Young Scholars, Foundation for Polish Science, 2009
  • ESSE bursary

Papers read at international conferences and congresses

  • Modernist Studies Association Sixth Annual Conference, Vancouver
  • Modernist Studies Association 7th Annual Conference, Chicago, November 2005
  • Polish Association for the Study of English Conference, Łódź, 2005
  • Australia: Identity, Memory, Destiny, Uniwersytet Opole, 2006
  • Polish Association for teh Study of English Annual Conference, Uniwersytet Śląski, Szczyrk, 2007
  • Wyndham Lewis: Modernity and Critique, Birmingham, Wielka Brytania, 2008
  • Modernist Studies Association 10th Annual Conference, Nashville, 2008
  • Autonomy and Commitment in Modernist British Arts, Universite Paul valery Montpellier III, 2009
  • Modernism, Cultural Exchange and Transnationality, the Second Conference of the Modernist Magazines Project, University of Sussex, Wielka Brytania, 2009
  • 6th Literature in English Symposium (LIES), Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan, April 2010
  • Future/ism a Century Later, Museum of Modern Art in Łódź, May 2010
  • European Network for Avant-Garde and Modernism Studies, Second bi-annual conference, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan, September 2010
  • 3rd Biannual Conference of the European Network for Modernist and Avant-Garde Studies, University of Kent Wlk. Brytania
  • The 20th Annual Conference of the Polish Association for the Study of English In Comparison - Juxtapositions, Correspondences, and Differentiations in English Studies, Nicolaus Copernicus, University Torun,May 2011
  • Wyndham Lewis: Networks, Dialogues and Communities, Institute of EnglishStudies, University of London, Senate House, London, 30 November - 1December 2012
  • Modernist Studies Association 15th Annual Conference, Brighton, UK, 29 August-1 September 2013
  • Art of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland in the 20th and 21st centuries, and Polish-British Artistic Relations, Centre for Contemporary Art, Toruń, 9-11 October, 2013
  • 'The British Empire and the Great War: Colonial Societies/Cultural Responses', Nanyang Technological University, School of Art, Design and Media, Singapore, 19-22 February 2014.
  • 2nd Congress of Jewish Art in Poland - 'Art in Jewish Society', Museum of the History of Polish Jews, Warsaw, 22-24 June, 2014.
  • 'BLAST 2014', Bath Spa University, UK, 24-26 July, 2014.
  • Crossing the Borders: Anglo-Russian Contact Zones: 1880-1940, Sapienza University, Rome, October 2016.