M.A.Dwight Holbrook

Dwight Holbrook
Retired Contract Professor


  • B.A., Cum Laude, English and Religious Existentialism, Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut 1963
  • M.S. in Library Science, School of Library Science, Columbia University, New York, 1970.
  • M.A., Teaching English as a second Language, New York University, New York, 1987.
  • Appointed:  Contract Professor, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan, 2001.

Research interest:

  • knowing and its multi-locality
  • the tension between the experiential now and conceptions of measured time
  • perception as non-linear

Art installations:

  • "Entry hall supplication scroll”, winter 2005
  • "Ceramic motifs from southern Spain", spring 2006
  • "Syn-t-a x I' m c", autumn 2007

Papers read at international conferences and congresses

  • Mind and Matter Conference, May 2022, Tucson, Arizona, Paper topic: "The Interface between Memory and the Immediate Present";
  • The Science of Consciousness Conference, May 2022, Tucson, Arizona. Paper topic: "Beginnings: The Possibility of Something from Nothing"
  • Cross Disciplinary Conference  (PLM). Sept. 2019, Poznan, Poland. Paper topic: "Seeing is Believing. A Cross-disciplinary Approach to how Language Fails to Communicate and Translate that which can only be Experienced and only Known in that Way."
  • Transdisciplinary Workshop, August 2019, Zen Center Johanneshof, Herrischiried, Germany; Presentation title: "The Beginning of Time? Let's Propose it's Embodied and that it's Now";
  • "Generalities and Particulars: a Fruitful Tension, Transdisciplinary Workshop", May 25-28, 2017, Zen Center Johanneshof, Herrischried, Germany; Presentation title: "Self/Other Alignment: a Radical 1st Person Approach";
  • "Toward a Science of Consciousness”, April 2016, Tucson, Arizona; Paper topic: "Where is language?"
  • "Understanding Linguistic Concepts" (PLM), September 2015, Poznan, Poland, Paper topic: "Where Is Language?"
  • "Toward a Science of Consciousness”, June 2015, Helsinki; Presentation title: "The Now and Consciousnes: a Comparison"
  • "Ways to Religion", June 2015, Wrocław, Presentation title: "Do We Die ?"
  • "Uncovering Time in Language", November 22, 2014, Łódź, Poland. Paper topic: "Consciousness and the NOW"
  • "Time and Temporality in Language and Human Experience", October 2012, Łódź, Poland. Paper topic: "Is Present Time a Precondition for The Existence of the Material Universe ?"
  • "Brain, Mind, Reality: Toward a Science of Consciousness", May 2011, Stockholm, Sweden. Paper topic: "The Everyday Out-of-body Experience".
  • "Medieval English Studies Symposium: the Landscape of the Afterlife in Medieval and Post-medieval Imagination”, November 2009, Poznan, Poland. Paper topic: "The 'After' in Medieval Afterlife: a Vertical or Horizontal Arrow of Time?”.
  • "Language and Technology Conference”, November 2009, Poznan, Poland. Paper topic: "Dis-simulations, Human Language Technologies and Criminal Exploitation”.
  • "Toward a Science of Consciousness”, June 2009, Hong Kong, China. Poster topic: "Ontologically Deaf: Questions about 'Where' that Lead Nowhere”.
  • "Language, Brain and Mind”, (PLM), September 2008, Gniezno, Poland. Paper topic: "Inside Out: Reversing the Roles of Outer World and Inner Perspective”.
  • "Toward a Science of Consciousness", July 2007, Budapest, Hungary paper topic: "Four Obstacles to a Science of Consciousness"
  • "Ex-centric Narratives: Identity and Multivocality in Anglo-American Cultures", March 2007, Thessaloniki, Greece,  paper topic: "Anti-Matter in Language"
  • "Language, Culture and Mind", July 2006, Paris, France paper topic: "When Language Becomes Non-Representational"
  • "Linguistics across Disciplines: in Search of Bridge Theories”, (PLM), April 2005, Poznan, Poland. Paper topic: "9/11: Domain of Meaning/Domain of Language”.
  • "International Congress in Phenomenology of Life and the Sciences of Life”, September 1999, Krakow, Poland. Paper topic: "Does Time Move?”


  • "Relational Block Universe versus  Uncertain Future: Tapping the Missing Link?" a book review of Beyond the Dynamical Universe: Unifying Block Universe Physics and Time as Experienced by Silberstein M., Stuckey W.M., and McDevitt T. (2018) (review appears in: Mind and Matter, 17/2, 2019, pp. 229-234)
  • Publications in the PBN database
  • Holbrook, D., 2019, ERASER and the Force Majeure; prepublication version;
  • Holbrook, D., May 2017, Blink of an Eye: Material Nature Captured in the Momentary Now: A radical 1st person perspective; (available on Amazon)[https://repozytorium.amu.edu.pl/handle/10593/24665
    About this book: see interview with Deepak Chopra (youtube): Timeless Existence: Blink of an Eye
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