drTomasz Dyrmo

Tomasz Dyrmo
Wykładowca (Lecturer)

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  • B.A. in English (Translation Studies), Olsztyn 2017
  • M.A. in English (Applied Cognitive Linguistics), Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań 2019
  • Ph.D. in Linguistics, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań 2024

Research interests

  • Cognitive linguistics
  • Gesture Studies
  • (Multimodal) Conceptual Metaphor Theory
  • Psycholinguistics
  • LGBT+ linguistics
  • Cognitive Discourse Analysis
  • Conceptual structure and cognitive representation

Teaching experience

  • PNJA: Writing, Grammar, Integrated Skills, Pronunciation
  • TEFL to children, teenagers, and adults
  • Business English
  • Cognitive Media Analysis workshops

Professional and organisational experience

  • Peer-reviewer for Applied Psycholinguistics
  • Peer-reviewer for Poznan Studies in Contemporary Linguistics
  • Member of the Recruiting Committee for the Languages and Literatures Doctoral School (linguistics, non-voting), 2022/2023
  • Co-organiser of the invited session: Linguistic dimensions of Gesture Studies, YLMP 2023 (with Dr Anna Jelec)
  • Member of the School of Languages and Literatures PhD Student Council (2021/2022)
  • Member of the Organising Committee, 6th International Conference on Figurative Thought and Language (FTL6)
  • Co-organiser of the invited session: Gender(ed) identities: Diversity and attitudes, YLMP 2021 (with mgr J. Nosal, mgr P. Kakuba, mgr M. Buczak, prof. A. Kiełkiewicz-Janowiak)
  • WA PhD Student Council member (2019/2020, 2020/2021)
  • SNJiL Doctoral School Representative in WA Teaching Assistance Team (2020/2021)
  • WA GradTalk meetings with WA PhD Council
  • Member of the Organising Committee, YLMP 2021
  • POL-ENG/ENG-POL translator and interpreter

Professional organisations

  • Researching and Applying Metaphor

Papers read at international conferences and congresses

  • Multimodality meets coming out. A verbo-gestural account. PASE2023, 30 June–2 July 2023
  • Secrets are throwable objects. A qualitative study of outing in metaphorical gestures, YLMP2023, 19-21 May 2023
  • Viewpoint can be embodied. A look from the cognitive linguistic perspective, Cognitive Neuroscience of Language Embodiment and Relativity, 7-9 October 2022 (poster)
  • How KNOWING IS SEEING in gesture: a case of objectification in coming out narratives, Researching and Applying Metaphor 2022, 21-24 September 2022
  • Viewpoint in metaphorical gestures, 6th Figurative Thought and Language Conference, Poznań, 20-21 April 2022
  • Multimodal coming out: gestural metaphorical scenarios and coming out narratives, Cognitive Linguistics in the year 2021, 23-25 September
  • Perspectivising coming out: a cognitive linguistic look at verbo-gestural narratives. Poznan Linguistic Meeting 2021, 16-19 September (poster)
  • Is good really up? On the role of valence in orientational metaphor comprehension in Polish and English. Researching and Applying Metaphor 2022, 23-27 June (with Katarzyna Jankowiak and Patrycja Kakuba)
  • When ‘coming out’ is literally ‘coming out’. Gesture-speech alignment at a discourse level. Researching and Applying Metaphor 2022, 23-27 June (with Anna Jelec and Małgorzata Fabiszak)
  • ‘Why can’t you just be yourself and not say anything?’ or a multilevel cognitive approach to coming out, YLMP 2021, 23-25 April 2021
  • Street renaming as a means of re-ordering the symbolic cityscape in the time of shifting borders (with M. Fabiszak, A.W. Brzezińska, P. Dobkiewicz), B/ordering cultures: everyday life, politics, aesthetics online conference, European University Viadrina, 08-10.10.2020. Frankfurt (Oder), Germany
  • Metaphors of coming out in speech and gesture of the LGBT community, Researching and Applying Metaphor First Virtual Conference, 18.-21.06.2020 (poster presentation; with Dr. Anna Jelec)
  • Metonymic inscription of ideology in cityscape, Researching and Applying Metaphor First Virtual Conference, 18.-21.06.2020 (with Prof. Małgorzata Fabiszak, Prof. Anna W. Brzezińska and Patryk Dobkiewicz, presented by Prof. M. Fabiszak)
  • Horyzonty Języka VIII, czyli jak daleko sięga językoznawstwo, with the presentation Coming out w spotkaniu z metaforą, czyli analiza wybranych materiałów z serwisu YouTube w perspektywie językoznawstwa kognitywnego (Coming out meets metaphors. A cognitive linguistic analysis of selected YouTube videos), Pobierowo 2019

Workshops and courses

  • Badanie gestów z wykorzystaniem czujnika ruchu Microsoft Kinect, KINEMO oraz programu ELAN, UAM Poznań, 2018
  • Practical workshop on EEG as a research tool in psycholinguistics, Neuroscience of Language Laboratory, 2019
  • Introduction to Corpus Linguistics: Theoretical and methodological basics, YLMP 2021, with Dr Julien Perrez (24 April 2021)
  • Surfing the brainwaves, an EEG workshop: theoretical basis and practical analysis, PLM 2021, by Dr Rafał Jończyk (17 Sept 2021)

Other talks and presentations:

  • Making Queer Cognitive Linguistics happen now or how heteronormativity is a metaphor, WA GradTalks meetings, 2021
  • Gesture and bilingualism in interaction: Research proposal, with Patrycja Kakuba and Dr. Katarzyna Jankowiak, GradTalk WA meetings, 2020
  • Gestural metaphorical scenarios in acts of self-disclosure, WA GradTalks meeting, 2020

Research projects

  • Coming out as a multimodal metaphor - perspectives from gesture and speech (PhD project, primary supervisor: dr hab. Małgorzata Fabiszak, prof. UAM, secondary supervisor: Dr. Anna Jelec, 2019-2023)
  • Comprehension of valenced orientational metaphors in Polish-English bilingual speakers (with Katarzyna Jankowiak and Patrycja Kakuba, 2022-)
  • Memory and ideology in the linguistic landscape. Commemorative (re)naming in East Germany and Poland 1916-2016. National Science Center Beethoven grant (2016/23/G/HS2/00827). Role: researcher. Principal Investigators: Prof. Małgorzata Fabiszak and Prof. Isabelle Buchstaller (2019-2020)

Popularisation of science

  • A series of interactive workshops on EEG for primary school students of International School of Poznań, Neuroscience of Language Laboratory, 2019 (together with the NeuroLab staff)
  • A pratical workshop on frame analysis in media and advertisements, Noc Naukowców 2019 (Fenomen Goździkowej czyli językoznawstwo kognitywne na tropie manipulacji w reklamie), 2019 (with the Dyskursanci reading group and dr Anna Jelec)
  • Cognitive Media Analysis workshop, Festiwal Innowacji Społecznych (Kognitywna analiza mediów, czyli czy punkt widzenia zależy od punktu siedzenia?), 2018 (with the Dyskursanci reading group and dr Anna Jelec)
  • „Językoznawstwo kognitywne i japońskie mowy polityczne”, Fantamazuria Fan Convention, Ostróda, 2017
  • „Engrish, czyli jak (niektórzy) Japończycy mówią po angielsku”, Olsztyn Days of Fantasy and Science, Olsztyn, 2016


  • WA Dean's award for the best M.A. thesis in linguistics in the academic year 2018/2019