English Philology (full-time M.A. programme)

Judging by the rankings published in “Perspektywy,” the leading Internet portal on education in Poland, this is the best English Philology programme you will find in Poland.

Master's studies in English Philology with a general academic profile will allow you to deepen your knowledge of literary studies, linguistics, and the cultures of English-speaking countries (mainly the United Kingdom, the USA, and Canada). You will acquire the ability to critically evaluate sources of knowledge, independently formulate research problems, and design ways to solve them. At the same time, you will improve your English skills.

During your studies, you can flexibly shape your own educational and research path depending on your interests and needs, focusing mainly on one of the disciplines or choosing courses within each of them, i.e. literary, linguistic, and cultural studies courses.

During the first term, you will participate in a number of elective classes that deepen your knowledge of various methodological approaches and trends in linguistics, literary and cultural studies, and you will also become familiar with the research conducted at the Faculty of English and the professional competences of employees authorized to conduct master's degree seminars. This will allow you to choose your supervisor and the topic of your master's thesis.

During the recruitment process, while the grade on the bachelor's degree diploma is taken into account, it is the interview that carries the most weight. The interview is conducted in English. Before the interview, you will draw a short text—an excerpt from a scientific article related to linguistics, literary studies, or cultural studies. You will have time to read the text and consider how to answer the questions placed below it—this will be the focus of the beginning of the interview. In the further part of the interview, the committee may ask questions related to literary and cultural studies or linguistics, your interests, future plans, etc.

The committee will assess your language skills (e.g., grammar, vocabulary, fluency, and ability to construct responses in English; a C1 level is expected) as well as your academic competence (including reading comprehension of academic texts, critical approach to the text, recognizing the thesis, definitions, research methods, research questions, etc. in the scientific text; your knowledge and research interests).

Dear Candidates,

For detailed information on the enrolment procedure for every B.A. or M.A. programme offered by the Faculty of English please see the Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań Online Admissions System [external link]