English-Celtic philology

Did you realise that the biggest English-speaking country in the European Union is now the Republic of Ireland? Have you wondered about the second Scottish independence referendum and what it could mean for the UK and EU? Did you know Tolkien based one of his elven languages, Sindarin, on Welsh?

Ireland, Scotland and Wales are three out of six Celtic nations. These countries do not only have their varieties of English; they also have their own languages, their own cultures, their own literatures and their history, which they all support politically and financially. Joining the English-Celtic philology B.A. programme will allow you to learn more about them.

The B.A. in English-Celtic philology offers:

  • English, taught to the same level as the other English programmes in the Faculty of English (at least C1), using British pronunciation,
  • Welsh and Irish, taught to a communicative level (at least B1 and A2, respectively),
  • British, Irish, Welsh, and Scottish history and culture for those wanting to understand the past and present of the Celts,
  • British, Irish and Welsh literature for those wanting to explore British classics, mythological Celtic heroes, tales which inspired many a fantasy writer, and books about complex national identities,
  • Knowledge on minority languages in Europe and in the world, which emphasizes just how diverse we all are.

Job opportunities in a changing European Union? Interests in languages and cultures? Nerdy passions?

The answer is always the English-Celtic philology B.A. programme.

In case of any questions, write to us:  mhornsby@amu.edu.pl (staff member profile)

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