English Linguistics: Theories, Interfaces, Technologies

Have you always dreamed about unique studies in English? Are you passionate about language and new technologies? Would you like to match an excellent command of the English language with expertise in language theory and IT?

An interdisciplinary B.A. study programme in English

Study Programme

4 modules:

  • theoretical linguistics (e.g. phonology, syntax, psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics, language acquisition, cognitive linguistics)
  • interdisciplinary linguistics (e.g. research methodologies, experimental linguistics, field studies)
  • application of information technologies in linguistic analysis (e.g., text exploration and processing, creating language databases, speech analysis)
  • academic English (e.g. pronunciation, discourse, grammar, public speaking)

Training and internships in companies.

Candidate Profile

  • very good command of the English language
  • interest in language theory and structure
  • willingness to learn advanced language technologies
  • ease of work with the computer
  • interest in the development of analytical and experimental skills

Graduate Profile

  • premium linguistic competence and soft skills (creativity, flexibility, communicative effectiveness)
  • enhanced language awareness (of language change, multiculturalism and multilingualism)
  • acquisition of tools for language study and description
  • development of critical and creative thinking skills

Potential career paths

  • companies involved in electronic linguistic data processing and analysis and language technologies
  • editorial work, electronic media, public relations, advertising and translation
  • education sector (research and teaching)
  • areas connected with market and public opinion research and journalism

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Curriculum and syllabus-related documents — link

Programmes in English are fee-paying studies.

The programme will open if the required number of students are admitted and acknowledge their intention to study.

Dear Candidates,

For detailed information on the enrolment procedure for every B.A. or M.A. programme offered by the Faculty of English please see the Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań Online Admissions System [external link]