General Academic specialization

The General Academic programme is designed to provide students with the practical skills of English as well as broaden their horizons with the knowledge of linguistics, literature, and culture.

English as a foreign language is taught in small groups according either to the British or American model of pronunciation. A variety of subjects related to linguistics such as phonology, history of English, general or contrastive linguistics inform students about the processes taking place in language, especially English. History and theory of literature aim to foster the interest in all of the literatures of the Anglo-sphere and provide tools for its academic description and understanding. Cultural studies and history give insights into the social, cultural and historical contexts so indispensable for both linguistic and literary academic pursuit, to which a B.A. seminar and B.A. thesis are just the preface.

Programme coordinator: dr Maciej Kielar

The initial admission is for the study programmeEnglish Philology. Once admitted to the programme, students may apply for their specialization of choice.