M.A. seminars (Full-time programmes)

What is this page?

This is a directory of M.A. seminars available for initial selection during the enrolment for some of the full-time M.A. programmes at the Faculty of English, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań.

The full-time M.A. programmes to which this directory pertains are:

  • English Philology (Filologia angielska)
  • Language and Communication in Healthcare
  • Language, Mind, Technology
  • Polish-English Conference Interpreting (Tłumaczenie konferencyjne polsko-angielskie)
  • Creative and Specialized Translation (Tłumaczenie kreatywne i specjalistyczne)

The pages listed below are M.A. seminars on offer for the given two-year study cycle. The oldest list in the directory is for the 2022–2024 study cycle. There are no lists of seminars from earlier study cycles in here—we have left them on our earlier website, which is no longer publicly accessible.

Which page to click on?

We kindly invite you to click on the one which pertains to the currect enrolment period. For the 2023 admissions, this will be the list for the 2023–2025 study cycle.

Lists of seminars by the years of study cycle

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If you are looking for information on M.A. seminars in the extramural programme in English Philology (Filologia angielska), follow this link.