M.A. theme seminars (Full-time programmes)

What is this page?

This is a directory of theme seminars which are some of elective courses in the first year of study in our M.A. programme in English philology (Filologia angielska). There is a separate list of theme seminars every term, i.e. two lists per year of study per academic year.

The pages listed below are theme seminars on offer for the given year of study for the given term of the given academic year. The first and, for the time being, the only item here is the list of theme seminars on offer for the winter term of the academic year 2023–2024: 1MA

(There are no lists of previous seminars in here—we have left them on our earlier website.)

Which page to click on?

We kindly invite you to click on the one which pertains to the upcoming term of your respective first year of study.

Lists of theme seminars by term

Please note which which term you are selecting so as not to browse a list which does not concern you.