PoLA Lab — Laboratory of Psychophysiology of Language and Affects

picture: a silhouette of human head pointing to the right with the letter P drawn inside, and the letters o, L, and A forming a row in front of it

Head of the Laboratory

dr Rafał Jończyk

Laboratory Manager

dr Marcin Naranowicz

Members and research

For the full list of members and for up-to-date information on the research please see the website of the Laboratory [external link].

Core tasks of the Laboratory

  • planning and conducting research on the psychophysiology of language and affect using modern research equipment enabling measurement of bioelectric brain activity (64-channel electroencephalogram from the renowned BioSemi company) and skin-galvanic response;
  • planning and conducting research related to the implementation of OPUS-19 research projects (UMO-2020/37/B/HS6/00610, 2021-2025, PI: Dr Rafał Jończyk), NAWA "Profesura Gościnna" (PPN/PRO/2020/1/ 00006/U/00001, 2021-2024, PI: Prof. Guillaume Thierry) as well as future research projects carried out by students, PhD students and staff of the Faculty of English;
  • deepening knowledge regarding cognitive and affective mechanisms in bilingualism, in the process of making moral decisions and in the process of creative thinking;
  • cooperation with research units in Poland and abroad as part of inter- and trans-disciplinary projects, also going beyond the research trends specified above;
  • organizing training and workshops on electrophysiological signal acquisition and analysis;
  • organizing educational and promotional events aimed at popularizing research on language and emotions using EEG equipment for children and adolescents as well as students, PhD students and researches.