Department of Sociolinguistics and Discourse Studies

About the Department

The research interests of the members of the Department of Sociolinguistics and Discourse Studies are the following:

  • discourse analysis
  • language-and-gender studies
  • language-and-age studies
  • discourse of psychotherapy
  • historical sociolinguistics
  • medical discourse
  • media discourse
  • computer-mediated communication
  • language variation and change
  • sociophonetics
  • multilingualism

Members of the Department have conducted the following seminars in BA and MA programmes:

  • Empirical research in sociolinguistics (BA seminar)
  • Topics in lifespan sociolinguistics (MA seminar)
  • MA seminar in sociolinguistics
  • Langage and gender (MA seminar)
  • Intergenerational communication (lecture)
  • The sociolinguistics of computer-mediated communication (BA seminar)
  • Gender in the media and advertisements (MA seminar)
  • Language and communication in media and politics (MA seminar)
  • Sociolinguistics and discourse analysis (MA seminar)
  • Media discourses (PhD lecture)
  • Langugage, communication and society (MA seminar)
  • Field methods in linguistics (BA module, programme: English Linguistics: Theories, Interfaces, Technologies)

Members of the Department teach:

  • TEFL at university level, including General English, Writing and Academic Discourse
  • English-Polish contrastive grammar

The final publication illustrates the outcomes of the project: Kaczmarek, Maria. (ed.) 2011. Health and well-being in adolescence. Part two: Media. Poznań: Bogucki Wydawnictwo Naukowe.

Project report: Łukasz Pakuła, Joanna Pawelczyk and Jane Sunderland. 2015. Gender and sexuality in English language education: Focus on Poland. London: British Council.