Department of Studies in Culture

The Department of Studies in Culture (formerly the Department of Polish-British Cultural Relations) conducts research into multiple aspects of the culture and civilization of English-speaking countries with a particular focus on historical and cultural relations between Poland and English-speaking nations. The research areas covered in our department are interdisciplinary and combine British, American and Australian Studies with cultural theory, political science, social studies, Indigenous studies, media studies, theatre and film studies, fine arts, sports and various areas of popular culture.

Our Department publishes a scholarly journal Polish-AngloSaxon Studies open to the idea of wide-ranging comparative studies in culture and civilization.

The members of the Department of Studies in Culture teach a variety of courses and seminars to students of the Faculty of English. They include a series of lectures on the history of the British Isles and the United States (1st year B.A.), courses in British and American life and institutions and culture (2nd year B.A.), and B.A. and M.A. seminars in cultural theory, media studies, theatre and film studies, history of British civilization, cultural contexts of the English terminology of sport and national identities and political culture in English-speaking countries. The department staff coordinate and implement an M.A. programme in the History and civilization of English-speaking countries.

We also conduct courses in the areas of European studies, EU institutions and international organizations designed specifically for students of English.

The Department also organizes meetings of the Culture Vultures reading group—a friendly venue for discussing various aspects of widely understood culture of English-speaking countries.