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About the Department

Our Department's research interests include various aspects of the linguistic system of contemporary English, with special emphasis on English phonetics and phonology. We also study general phonetics and phonology (which includes experimental research in phonetics); sociophonetics and sociophonology; morphonology; morphology; language contact, including borrowings; linguistic typology; neurolinguistics; and syntax.

The Department is responsible for the running of the English phonetics and phonologycourse in 1BA English Philology programme (with dr Jarosław Weckwerth as the coordinator).

Some of us also teach practical English pronunciation courses, as well as proseminars and seminars at both BA and MA levels.

We organise monthly Phon&Phon meetings to discuss and share research within broadly construed phonology and phonetics.

We also organise other events, such as guest lectures by distinguished scholars from other universities.

Prof. Dziubalska-Kołaczyk is also head of the Organising Committee of the Poznań Linguistic Meeting (PLM), the School's annual general linguistics conference. Members of our Department are regularly involved in the organisation of the event.