English Language Teaching Laboratory

The English Language Teaching Laboratory:

  • prepares syllabi for the courses of English as a Second Language taught at the Faculty of English,
  • coordinates, runs and supervises the teaching of English as a Second Language,
  • prepares and conducts ESL examinations.

The teaching of ESL is organized into a set of five component courses: grammar, phonetics, general English (an integrated speaking course), writing and translation. The contents of these courses is prepared by the component coordinators, experienced teachers of English as a Second Language at the academic level. The course classes are regularly observed by component coordinators. Students opinions are surveyed through teachers’ evaluation questionnaires which are distributed among students and later analyzed.

The work of the Centre for English Language Teaching consists in a close cooperation between Polish and foreign teachers of English. Both Polish and foreign (British, American, Canadian) teachers of English prepare and administer ESL examinations, discuss teaching problems and make decisions concerning the contents and the format of the courses and EFL examinations. Regular ESL Teachers’ meetings provide a forum for an open discussion and an exchange of opinions.

The number of hours per week devoted to the specific ESL components varies depending on the year of instruction. They are as follows: year 1BA – 10 hrs/week; year 2BA –8 hrs/week; year 3BA – 4 hrs/week in semester 1, and 6 hrs a week in semester 2; year 1MA – 4 hrs/week. At the end of each academic year, the course ends with a three-part exam consisting of: an essay, a grammar test and an oral interview.