Speech and Language Processing Laboratory

logo Speech and Language Processing LaboratoryWe offer help to researchers and students of the Faculty of English in the following areas:

  • Speech recording — In our soundproof recording booth, we provide high quality audio and video recording
  • Articulatory imaging — We use electropalatography, optopalatography, electromagnetic articulography, glottography and myography to record speech articulation
  • Data collection — All multimodal data we produce are collected in the form of corpora
  • Scientific programming — We use the corpora to create speech and language models for the purpose of research and language pedagogy


Zdjęcie Grzegorza Krynickiego

Starszy specjalista (Senior specialist)

Grzegorz Krynicki

Zuzanna Cal

Doktorantka (PhD student)

Zuzanna Cal

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